December Updates

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!! We just have a few updates for you this month. 1. Pub Quiz Apology 2. Caution pertaining to AJET events 3. Away From Home Christmas 4. Swag Contest 5. Ski trip 1. Pub Quiz Apology This only pertains to those who showed up to pub quiz. Lots of people (including … More December Updates

November Updates

Akame 48/pub quiz AJET dinner Hobo Christmas Osaka Thanksgiving Possible January event Akame 48/pub quiz – November 17 open event Our next event is the Akame 48 hike near Nabari and the pub quiz is to follow! We will all be leaving for the falls on a bus from Akameguchi Station. The bus costs ¥360 … More November Updates

October – December updates

Hello everyone! Here is the update for October – December. If you have questions concerning the things listed below, please feel free to contact an AJET member through Facebook or reach us at . 1.     Nagashima Spaland rescheduling 2.     Halloween Party 3.     Block Halloween Party 4.     Wakayama AJET Koyasan trip 5.     Akame 48 hike … More October – December updates