About AJET

What is Mie AJET?

Mie AJET is the Mie prefectural chapter of the Association for Japan and Exchange Teaching (AJET). It is made up of a group of JETs that have volunteered their time and energy to create and host trips, cultural events, and social gatherings for the JETs in Mie throughout the year. Mie AJET aims to build strong peer fellowships among JETs, foster ties with the local Japanese community, and overall, help make living in Mie an enjoyable experience.

‘Events’ you say… What kind of events does Mie AJET do?

We are always open to new ideas for events, but here is a list of our typical  events:

Welcome Party (in Tsu)    August, the evening of the 2nd day of Mie Orientation

Our first event of the JET year! This is a chance for the new JET arrivals to shake off their weariness from orientation and mingle with each other and their sempais.

There is an admission fee to participate. Please note that unlike other AJET groups in other prefectures, we do not have paid AJET membership. As this is the first AJET event, all proceeds from this event (as well as any other AJET event) goes towards funding events for the rest of the year.

Kumano Fireworks Show    August 17 (August 18 if the show is cancelled due to rain)

The biggest fireworks show in Mie.

Halloween Party    The weekend closest to Halloween

Exactly what it says on the tin. Come to eat, drink, and dress your best! You might even get an award for your costume!

Akame 48 Waterfalls Hike (in Nabari)    November

Take a lovely scenic stroll (not really much of a “hike,” don’t worry) in the mountains for a few hours, enjoying the autumn foliage and the serene beauty of the waterfalls.

Ski Trip to Hakuba, Nagano    February

This overnight weekend trip takes you to the Japanese Alps in Hakuba, home to the 1998 Winter Olympics. Two full days to ski and snowboard and frolic in the snow.

Iga Ninja Walk    April

Get in touch with your inner ninja, learn their history, and dress like one yourself! Visit the Iga Ninja Museum, see a ninja show, go on one of the tours offered… all while wearing ninja garb!

Camp Inn (in Kihoku)    June

Kicking off the beginning of summer, this two-night weekend event in the Deep South countryside is one of our most popular! Mingle with friends in the cabins, swim in the river, kayak, go to the beach, have a barbecue… all the best things of summer!

Sayonara Party    July

Our last AJET event of the year. Give a warm farewell and send-off to our leaving JETs before their next adventure, as well as look back fondly on years past and memories made with our slideshow. But it’s not all tears; we also give out AJET awards to various JETs in the Mie community.